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Fly The Official Korean IDSC 2018 Track
08-Sep-2018   Ray Smith
With the DSI International Drone Sports Championship only a week away (15/16 Sept 18) 16 teams from 14 nations will be flying out to South Korea in a few days time to prepare for this big event. You too can experience and test your skill on the official DSI-IDSC 2018 track now available to download and fly in the Rotor Rush drone sports simulator.

Rotor Rush V5.5 Release (PC)
21-May-2018   Ray Smith
The latest Rotor Rush V5.5 is now available with an improved user interface providing easier access to all the key features you need while at a track. Tiny Whoop pilots will also enjoy the updated collision physics. Click the ‘Update’ button on your Rotor Rush startup page to install all the latest features (MAC OS Update to follow soon)

DSC Track D
21-May-2018   Ray Smith
Drone Sports Canada and Rotor Rush are excited to announce the release of Track D (DSC001) the first of 3 that will make up the first Canadian E-Sports Championships that will conclude with the Top 3 fastest pilots forming the DSC E-Sports Team. The team will compete against other international rotor rush teams in the 2018 world E-sports championships.

FPVR Australian Open 2018 Track
19-Apr-2018   Ray Smith
Watch out for the FPVR Australian Open this weekend 20-22nd April (Featuring Joe Scully) and try your hand on the official track now available in the Rotor Rush sim. Shout out for the FPV footage posted for the track in our social media goes to Perth pilot Cody Steel (aka Steel FPV) currently flying with Rotorcross.

New Flying Area - Whoop Station
10-Apr-2018   Ray Smith
The latest addition to your collection of whoopable locations ‘Whoop Station’ is now available. This great location has tons of opportunity to go exploring, show off your micro freestyling or go racing down the subway and up under the roof on the fast flowing whoop track. While exploring the nooks and crannies of this detailed location keep an eye out for the 18 ‘Big Whoop’ stickers !

DDC MDP 2018 Track
29-Mar-2018   Ray Smith
Over the week-end 23rd–25th February the MDP 2018 Mollerussa non-stop 48hr Drone Party took place hosting more than 150 pilots in one of the most important events in Spain. In collaboration with DDC Spain Rotor Rush provided pilots with an e-Sport replica of the real MDP2018 track with two events for pro-pilots and the public.The MDP2018 track is now available for you to download and fly.

Rotor Rush V5.4 WIN OS Update
08-Mar-2018   Ray Smith
You can now install your tracks and register for events within the sim ! To complete this update and use the new track installation method you will need to uninstall the tracks you currently have installed. The quickest way to do this is to right click on the windows icon at the bottom left of your screen and select ‘Apps & Features’. Then scroll down the apps list to the Track Packs, right click on each in turn and select ‘uninstall’. When complete start Rotor Rush, select ‘Tracks’ and then install the tracks you want to fly.

MultiGP 2018 Regional Qualifier Track
17-Feb-2018   Ray Smith
With the detail of the latest MultiGP now finalized we have added the MultiGP 2018 Regional Qualifier to the range of MultGP Tracks available in Rotor Rush (see the ‘Tracks’ section above to get the latest updates)