Rotor Rush Live

Rotor Rush Live has been designed to complement and support the real life sport of drone racing. With tracks, rules and a racing experience which mirrors the real sport.
In the true tradition of drone racing, Rotor Rush will stage live competitions where pilots of all abilities can compete in virtual events that are run just like the real sport. With real race directors controlling the event, live commentators and real prizes

  • Race on the official tracks from the world’s top race organisations
  • Win cash prizes and awesome kit
  • Real-time live race events
  • Time trial events
  • Events run just like the real sport with race directors & live commentary
  • Create your own races with your friends with multi-player mode
  • Track your progress on the official leader boards
Rotor Rush Live
The worlds number 1 race director and commentator Joe Scully joins Rotor Rush to give pilots a realism in the virtual racing which is as close to real race events as possible. Joe is also working with Rotor Rush to continually develop the race formats, interfaces and systems to ensure that Rotor Rush remains true to life and give the best possible virtual experience to pilots.
“Who’s having more fun than us?”

 As the official home of “virtual Tiny Whoop” Rotor Rush will allow anyone to learn, practise & enjoy micro racing. Tiny Whoop groups will be able to take their Tiny Whoop parties into the virtual world and meet and compete with other groups.
Rotor Rush Live

Meet the Team…

Joe Scully
Chief race director & commentator
Jesse Perkins
Head of micro racing
& Tiny Whoop
Kevin Richardson
Head of track build team
& development
Richard Rowland
Event coordinator
Nigel Tomlinson
Project coordinator
Oliver O’Brien
Live event coordinator
Esport manager
Ray Smith
Head of development

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