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Q: I am getting an error of missing components?
A: Click HERE for the Rotor Rush component installation guide.
Q: When I install new tracks the install button is still there and I have no track?
A: If you have updated your simulator from “FPV Event” to “Rotor Rush” please uninstall your simulator from the START MENU and then re-install it again to ensure downloaded tracks are available in your selection room.


Q: How do i invite my friends to play multiplayer?
A: Select a track and before you enter it press ‘R’

Controller / Transmitter

Q: Does my game controller work with Rotor Rush?
A: The XBox controller for the PC and many other game pads will work with Rotor Rush.
Q: Does my RC transmitter work with Rotor Rush?
A: Click HERE for a list of compatible transmitters.



Q: Can i learn to fly in real life using the Rotor Rush simulator?
A: YES, pilots can learn to fly on the simulator and use the skills they learn on real life drones. Check out Jack’s experience HERE
Q: What spec PC/Mac do i need to run Rotor Rush?
A: See our minimum requirements section HERE.
Q: I have read all of the FAQ and i still cant solve my problem.
A: Please email

Video Tutorials:

How to install the track builder

How to build a simple track