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Community Organisations

The Rotor Rush Community links the virtual world with real-life drone racing.. Community organisations run virtual events based on their real-life tracks helping them promote their real-life events before, during and after they actually take place. Organisations also take part in global events, running online qualifiers feeding into global live finals.

Compete On A World Stage

Whether you’re flying solo or in a team, Rotor Rush esports is a highly competitive, fast-paced drone racing adventure designed for those who crave high energy racing action.

Produce Professional Esport Events

Rotor Rush is fully integrated with the advanced cloud based fpv event system from Vmach Media. The production suite includes individual stations for race control, camera operator, commentator, host, leaderboards etc. Coordinate you team and produce high quality virtual sporting events.

Esports For Your Exhibitions

Professional virtual FPV racing is available for your local club or large arena event to help promote and practice real world FPV racing. Rotor Rush supports complete esport event production integrating audience display screens, live camera feeds, event status displays, leaderboards and much more.

Promote Your Sponsors

The Rotor Rush team can work with you to recreate your track in the virtual world complete with your sponsors logos.

Esports events before and after your real-world event can greatly increase exposure and the overall value you provide to your sponsors.

High quality images and videos can also be created ahead of time providing additional media for your event promotion.