The Southport School

TSS is the First Queensland School to Introduce a Drone Pilot Course

At the Southport School we pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in educational technology In today’s classrooms, our students have open access to Robots, Mobile App development tools, 3D Printers, Micro Controller Boards and drones.

According to aviation officials, there could be 7 million small drones in the sky by 2020 and as many as 2.7 million of them will be used for commercial purposes. Officials predict that small unmanned aircraft systems or drones will be the most dynamic growth sector within aviation within the next 10 years. TSS is leading the way in embedding Drone Education into the curriculum.

With an introductory Drone course in Year 10 Engineering Technology to Year 12 students undertaking Commercial Remote Pilot Licence exams, our students are gain new skills whilst still understanding their legal and safety obligations.

Alongside our Technology rich curriculum, students have the opportunity to join the TSS Young Engineers’ Society. In this afterschool venture, pupils research and create their own projects. They have open access to all the technology tools from their classes and can delve deeper into areas they are interested in and enjoy.

At the moment, Australia is going through a mini industrial revolution, we are reducing our commercial Mining capabilities and product manufacturing. Australia is fast become known as a pioneering STEM nation.

By embedding state of art Technologies like Robots and drones in our curriculum we are ensuring that students at The Southport School are at the cutting edge of 21st century Technology and best practice. Thus providing them with greater opportunities for Tertiary studies and future employment in the Technological sector.