Compatible Transmitters

Below is a list of known compatible transmitters that work with the Rotor Rush simulator.

For PC:

FrSky Taranis Plus -> Mini USB cable
FrSky Taranis Plus -> iRangeX dongle + X4R-SB Rx
FrSky Taranis Plus -> iRangeX dongle + X8R Rx
FRSky Taranis X7 -> Micro USB cable
Spektrum DX6i -> trainer port USB Dongle
Spektrum DX6i -> iRangeX dongle + Orange R615x Rx
Spektrum DX6i -> Orange USB Wireless Dongle (link below)
Turnigy TGY-i6 -> trainer port USB Dongle
Turnigy TGY-i6S -> Micro USB Cable
Turnigy Evolution -> Micro USB Cable
Turnigy Evolution -> iRangeX dongle + TGY-iA6C rx
XBox360 -> USB
PS4 -> USB
TBS Tango -> MicroUSB ( hold down scan button to bypass module)
Spektrum DX9/DX8 Gen1/DX4e -> MIC audio jack for SMARTPropoPlus to vJoy Device Driver
Spektrum DX7s -> 3.5mm stereo audio cable -> Acer Aspire laptop line-in -> vJoy -> SmartPropoPlus
Spektrum DXe -> OrangeRX Dongle

For Mac:

Taranis -> mini USB Cable
Taranis -> OrangeRX (FrSky) dongle
Spektrum family (DXe, Dx6i are known to work) -> OrangeRX (dsm2 / dsmx) dongle